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Other training opportunities

CIMO Fellowships

The CIMO Fellowships programme is open to young researchers (after Master-level but not post-doctorate) from all countries and from all academic fields. The scholarship period may vary from 3 to 12 months. The monthly allowance is 800-1,200 euros (in 2010). The scholarship is intended to cover living expenses in Finland for a single person. No additional allowance for housing is paid. Expenses for international travel to and from Finland are not covered by CIMO.

TWAS Postgraduate Fellowships

Each year, the TWAS Fellowship Programmes, which operate under agreements with governments and national organizations in developing countries, offer a number of fellowships to young scientists from developing countries to carry out postgraduate research in developing countries other than their own.

UNESCO Fellowships

The fellowships offered under this scheme are of short term duration (6 months maximum) and are intended for specialized training at the
postgraduate level. Priority targets are promising and qualified specialists who seek to undertake advanced research or to upgrade their skills and knowledge of state-of-the-art developments in their field of study or work.

SAHFOS Bursaries for Associated Researchers

WEBSITE.  Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science Bursaries for Associated Researchers.  The aim of this scheme is to encourage research that utilises Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) data.  Bursaries (500GBP) are offered either for research that uses CPR data directly or for indirect activities that strengthen the future use of CPR data.  The announcement for application is available from the SAHFOS website and informal advice on the bursary scheme

SCOR Capacity Building website

WEBSITE. SCOR Catalog of Continuing Professional Development & Capacity Building Resources in National and International Marine Agencies and Programmes


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