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Other training opportunities

Ocean Gliders: Autonomous Monitoring of the Marine Environment 

Marine autonomous vehicles are platforms that are deployed into the ocean in order to survey, monitor or explore the conditions in the marine environment, that have intelligent control systems allowing them to remain in the ocean for extended periods with relatively little human intervention. Such vehicles are already revolutionising marine science, allowing us to make measurements in places or conditions that were previously impossible. These vehicles require new expertise beyond the traditional skills of the observational oceanographer. 


Essentials of complying with the Nagoya Protocol and Regulation EU 511/214 Course

On October 2014 the Nagoya Protocol on "Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from Their Utilization" as well as the European Regulation (EU) No 511/2014 entered into force.
Everyone involved in R&D with genetic resources, from a university researcher to a scientist at a multinational, must comply with the new regulation.


Below are details of a course which will provide information on complying with the Nagoya Protocol:


ICES Management Strategy Evaluation: an introduction course, 17 - 22 October 2016, ICES, Denmark

This ICES "Management Strategy Evaluation: an introduction" course will provide a general introduction to Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) by covering a range of topics with associated case studies and practical sessions, equipping participants with the knowledge, skills, and quantitative tools to undertake MSEs on their own fisheries resources.


Introduction to Flow Cytometry for Aquatic Sciences

September 12-16, 2016

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, East Boothbay, Maine, USA


Course information and Registration:



Shipboard training: two positions available for EUROFLEETS2, RV L'Atalante Graco survey, CSIC (Spain)

As part of the training activities of the Eurofleets2 program, 2 berths are offered out on-board the RV L'Atalante to enable postgraduate students (Masters and Doctoral) to participate in the Eurofleets2 GRACO research survey. The cruise will take place from 22nd September to 1st October 2016, leaving from Cadiz and ending in Cadiz.

A total of 2 positions are available on-board for European postgraduate students in the following disciplines:


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