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Other training opportunities

GEOTRACES Altantic Ocean Climate Scholars Programme, 12 - 20 September 2016 Galway, Ireland

The Atlantic Ocean Climate Scholars Programme is an intensive, accredited, fully funded workshop examining how climate and oceans interact, with particular examples from the Atlantic Ocean and higher latitudes. It will be held in Galway, Ireland from 12th to 20th September 2016 and is open to European and international postgraduate students of marine, atmosphere and climate-related sciences.


AtlantOS workshop "Uncertainty in Oceanographic Trace Element Measurements", 18 - 20 July 2016 Plymouth, UK

AtlantOS is an EU funded project that aims to optimise and enhance integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing Systems. One specific objective is to develop common metrology techniques and best practice (including standards) for measurement of priority Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs), ensuring dataset accuracy, precision and reliable intercomparisons between different technologies, laboratories, sampling locations and times. As part of this objective a workshop focussing on trace element measurements will be hosted by Plymouth University, UK.

III UCA-CEIMAR International Summer School Course on Aquaculture in Southern Europe: Basic and Applied Aspects, 11 - 15 July 2016 Cadiz, Spain

The International Campus of Excellence of the Sea (CEIMAR) is holding an aquaculture course entitled “Aquaculture in Southern Europe: Basic and Applied Aspects” which will be held from 11-15 July 2016 in Cadiz, Spain, in the framework of the “III UCA-CEIMAR International Summer School”.


DEVOTES-EuroMarine Summer School "Marine Ecosystem Services, Management and Governance: Linking Social and Ecological Research", Aquarium of Donostia, 6 - 9 June 2016, San Sebastián, Spain

The topic for this summer school relates to marine ecosystem services and the links between their assessment, mapping and the need for a socio-ecological framework to address the important management issues related to the governance of the oceans. Governing the oceans and keeping them in a healthy state requires activities at sea to be sustainable, so that the ecosystem services provided by the oceans and the functionality of the ecosystems can be maintained.

First Sven Lovén International Field School for Marine Ecology, 15 - 26 Aug. 2016, Sven Lovén Centre, Sweden

This summer school in marine ecology is focused on providing students the opportunity to develop their skills in experimental and observational ecology, sampling design and strategies under field and laboratory conditions. Participants will experience the scientific process of ecological field research. Observing organisms underwater and as such understand their role in a marine ecosystem is often difficult or sometimes even impossible.


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