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Newsletter 8, April 2012

The 8th issue of the POGO Newsletter is now available to download. This issue covers many of the POGO capacity building activities, with an introduction of the 12 new Visiting Fellows selected for the 2012 programme and reports on the POGO Visiting Professorship in Viet Nam, on the NF-POGO Regional Training in India, and on the 12th Austral Summer Institute in Chile. It also features the Honolulu Declaration, the announcement of a Kick-Off Symposium for the new GEO Task "Oceans and Society: the Blue Planet", and news from POGO members NOAA and Scripps.

Newsletter 7, Jan 2012

The seventh issue of the POGO Newsletter can be downloaded below. This issue features an article on the 13th POGO Annual Meeting, news from POGO members INCOIS (India), CSIRO (Australia), GEOMAR (Germany) and IOCAS (China), as well as an update on POGO capacity building.

Newsletter 6, October 2011

The 6th issue of the POGO Newsletter can be downloaded below. This issue features articles on the International Quiet Ocean Experiment Open Science Meeting, the latest ChloroGIN Meeting, the SAHFOS 80th Anniversary Symposium, and an update on capacity building. 

July 2011

The fifth issue of the POGO Newsletter is available here, in both high and low resolution. This issue features the new GEO task "Oceans and Society: the Blue Planet", a new umbrella task proposed by POGO which has been included in the 2012-2015 GEO Work Plan (Version 1). It also includes an update on capacity building, with reports from 2010-2011 activities and plans for 2011-2012, and news from two POGO members (a new section we hope to continue throughout future issues).

April 2011

The fourth issue of the POGO Newsletter can be downloaded here. This issue provides a summary of the 12th POGO Annual Meeting, the announcement of an Open Science Meeting for the SCOR-POGO International Quiet Ocean Experiment and an update on Capacity Building. The Newsletter can now be downloaded as high or low resolution pdf files.


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