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New study reveals when West Antarctica’s largest glacier started retreating

Reporting this week (Wednesday 23 November) in the journal Nature an international team led by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) explains that present-day thinning and retreat of Pine Island Glacier, one of the largest and fastest shrinking glaciers of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, is part of a climate trend that was already underway as early as the 1940s.  


The RV Polarstern sets off from Bremerhaven with young scientists onboard to investigate ocean, atmosphere and climate interactions

On 12th November 2016, the same day that “Oceans” is on the Global Climate Action agenda at the COP22 Marrakech Climate Change Conference, the RV Polarstern left Bremerhaven, Germany on its transect heading south to Cape Town, South Africa.


New generation of scientists to investigate ocean, atmosphere and climate interactions in North to South Atlantic Ocean Transect

Coinciding with the COP22 Marrakech Climate Change Conference, the next generation of oceanographers will receive training in the skills required to investigate ocean, atmosphere and climate interactions. Twenty-five international post-graduate scholars selected from a total of 212 applicants will be departing from Bremerhaven, Germany on 12th November, heading south along the west African coast to complete the transect in Cape Town, South Africa on 12th December.


POGO Newsletter 26, October 2016

This issue features various news articles from the POGO members, updates on Capacity Building, reports on member-led POGO professional training initiatives, POGO Working Groups & POGO representation at international meetings.



OCB Scientific Steering Committee Nominations

The Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Program ( is currently seeking nominations for new Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) members. If you wish to nominate someone, please email the OCB Project Office ( with the following information about your nominee:


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