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IPCC43 has decided to prepare a special report on Climate Change, Oceans and Cryosphere

In the Draft Decision on the Paris Agreement (FCCC/CP/2015/L.9/Rev.1), the COP, inter alia:

IOCCP Position Paper on Global Ocean Biogeochemistry Data

The IOCCP Scientific Steering Group would like to announce its position with regards to the Global Ocean Biogeochemistry Data Management. The Position Paper highlights the vulnerability of the current global ocean carbon and biogeochemistry data management system that relies too heavily on individual data managers and institutions.

NMEA- Ocean Education Conference Scholarships

National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) is a dedicated, influential member-based organization of classroom teachers, informal educators, university professors, scientists, and more from around the world working together to advance the understanding and protection of our freshwater and marine ecosystems. From scientists working in the deep sea to students studying underwater archeology in the Great Lakes, NMEA members are dedicated to making known the world of water, both fresh and salt.  


IODE Video Lectures Now on Youtube

IODE is pleased to announce the launching of the OceanTeacher Global Academy YouTube channel on

(an easy way to find it is to simply enter oceanteacher channel in the search box of YouTube)


Under "playlists" you will find courses for which videos are available (currently 1). Rather than offering full 90 minute lectures we have now cut lectures into small clips of 10-15 minutes with clear indication of the subject in the title.

Polarstern Embarks for Cape Town for North South Atlantic Transect Training

32 International Scholars from all scientific disciplines will embark on an Ocean Observation Expedition along a North South Atlantic Ocean Transect, from Bremerhaven in Germany to Cape Town, South Africa, on the RV Polarstern. The training programme is known as the “Atlantic Floating Summer School”. The objective of this cruise is to train Scholars to become Experts in Ocean Observation. 


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