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Ocean Observation News

Polarstern Embarks for Cape Town for North South Atlantic Transect Training

32 International Scholars from all scientific disciplines will embark on an Ocean Observation Expedition along a North South Atlantic Ocean Transect, from Bremerhaven in Germany to Cape Town, South Africa, on the RV Polarstern. The training programme is known as the “Atlantic Floating Summer School”. The objective of this cruise is to train Scholars to become Experts in Ocean Observation. 

Community Review for Arctic-COLORS

Introduction to Community Review for Arctic-COLORSUnder the NASA ROSES 2012 and 2013 A.3 Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry program element, NASA advertised for scoping studies to identify the scientific questions and develop the initial study design and implementation concept for a new NASA Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry field campaign or related team project (scale on par with ICESCAPE, SO GasEx, etc.).

Modelling the plankton - Research Topic in Frontiers in Marine Science

In collaboration with Frontiers in Marine Science, section Marine Ecosystem Ecology, the Topic Editors are organizing a Research Topic titled "Modelling the plankton – enhancing the integration of biological knowledge and mechanistic understanding”.


Mathematical models have become an important tool with a wide range of application in marine science. However more recent biological knowledge and mechanistic understanding is often not reflected in those models.

Marine litter and deep sea mining featured as high priorities at the G7 Science Ministers meeting

Johanna Wanka, German Minister of Education and Research welcomed the Ministers from the G7 countries in Berlin to further discuss common  priorities. 


Targeted Grants in the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems

The Simons Foundation invites applications for the Targeted Grants in the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems (MMLS) program, a joint endeavor of the foundation’s Mathematics and Physical Sciences and Life Sciences divisions.



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