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Ocean Observation News

Job Opportunity: Researcher in ocean modelling and reanalysis, CMCC, Bologna, Italy

The CMCC – Ocean Modeling and Data Assimilation Division in Bologna, Italy - is seeking applications for a position in ocean modelling and reanalysis.


Application deadline: 21 Feb 2019


POGO Workshop on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Biological Oceanographic Observations

NB Workshop places are limited and will be allocated to POGO Member institutions or their nominated partners as a priority. 

However, we welcome all expressions of interest from non-POGO organisations.  Such applications will be added to a waiting list, to be considered after the closing date of 1 March, dependent on remaining capacity.


Keeping a Watch on Seaweeds: The Forests of the World’s Coasts

Macroalgal assemblages are iconic on rocky substrata around the world’s coasts (seen here at Maria Island, Tasmania, Australia) in both the intertidal and subtidal zones. Credit: Patricia Miloslavich

Job Opportunity: Post-doc Position in biogeochemical cycling of trace metals in the oceans, GEOMAR, Germany

The research unit Chemical Oceanography of the research division Marine Biogeochemistry at GEOMAR is offering a Postdoctoral Position in biogeochemical cycling of trace metals in the oceans

Application deadline: Deadline: 14th February 2019

The position begins on April 1st 2019.


Topic of position: Investigations into sources, sinks and cycling of trace elements in the oceans


OTGA Training Course: Discovery and Use of Operational Ocean Data Products and Services, Oostende, Belgium, 11-15 March 2019

Application deadline: 15 January 2019.



This course will provide knowledge and hands-on experience for the data, satellites and instrumentation, access and formats, tools and software for operational activities. A pre-course phase of the training will provide an essential overview of data, products and tools used to monitor the ocean and will focus on preparation for the classroom phase where students will work on a short project to learn more about the data and its applications.



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