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Oceanography: Voyage of the argonauts

Oceanography: Voyage of the argonauts by Rex Dalton. This article in Nature [415, 954 - 955 (28 Feb 2002)] details the Argo project and mentions a number of our POGO partners.


Heads of Major Oceanographic Institutions of the World Meet in Nova Scotia, Canada

WEBSITE 19 November 2001

Ocean key to unravelling climate changes

Ocean key to unravelling climate changes. Halifax Herald Limited, December 2, 2001

Sao Paulo Declaration

The Sao Paulo Declaration drafted at the 2nd POGO Annual Meeting at the University of Sao Paulo and released in April 2001.


NASA Science News

NASA Science News for April 25, 2001 - Astrobiologists are visiting the Indian Ocean to explore a bizarre undersea ecosystem that doesn't need sunlight to flourish. You can join them via a live webcast on April 26th! FULL STORY 26 April 2001


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