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Plans for the Japanese research vessel Chikyu

WEBSITE. Former studies and future plans for the Japanese research vessel Chikyu. JAMSTEC press release [in Japanese]

Super computer for JAMSTEC simulation study

WEBSITE. The renewal of the super computer for the simulation study in JAMSTEC.  JAMSTEC press release [in Japanese]

CoML explorers find species thrive in the arctic and antarctic

The Census of Marine Life (CoML) have found that hundreds of identical species can thrive in both the arctic and the antarctic. 

The deep-sea drilling vessel Chikyu repair work status and future plans.

WEBSITE. JAMSTEC press release 10 February 2009.

Direct evidence for oxygenated atmosphere more than three hundred million years before the great oxidation event

WEBSITE. JAMSTEC press release 24 December 2008.


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