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North west tidal barrages could provide 5% of UK's electricity

WEBSITE. Engineers at the University of Liverpool claim that building estuary barrages in the north west could provide more than 5% of the UK's electricity.

Lower sea temperatures linked to bushfires

WEBSITE. The weather conditions that led to Victoria's past two major bushfires may be linked to lower than normal sea-surface temperatures in the eastern Indian Ocean, according to researchers from CSIRO's Wealth from Oceans National Research Flagship.

Climate change impacting on the Southern Ocean

WEBSITE.  The Southern Ocean is changing, and evidence shows that around the Antarctic, the Southern Ocean is warming at a faster rate than the global ocean average.

Improved estimates of whale populations for conservation management

WEBSITE.  Using statistics, researchers can use observation data of whale numbers from ships and aerial surveys to better esimate whale populations for conservation management.

Plans for the Japanese research vessel Chikyu

WEBSITE. Former studies and future plans for the Japanese research vessel Chikyu. JAMSTEC press release [in Japanese]


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