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Targeted Grants in the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems

The Simons Foundation invites applications for the Targeted Grants in the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems (MMLS) program, a joint endeavor of the foundation’s Mathematics and Physical Sciences and Life Sciences divisions.


Rationale: The Targeted Grants in the MMLS program is intended to foster a culture of theory-experiment collaboration similar to that prevailing in the physical sciences by supporting the development of mathematical models that explain classes of experimental results and suggest new directions for research and experimentation aimed at testing theoretical ideas and expanding their reach.


Basis for Awards: The Targeted Grant in MMLS program aims to support research in the life sciences that breaks new conceptual or theoretical ground and relates closely to experiment, for example, by introducing new and experimentally testable concepts or by developing models that can explain data and motivate new classes of experiments. Successful proposals typically involve both new theoretical approaches and a direct interaction with a biological experiment. A broad spectrum of research areas will be considered, ranging from cellular-level issues of organization, regulation, signaling, and morphogenic dynamics to the properties of organisms and ecology, as well as neuroscience and evolution; however, preference will be given to areas in which modeling approaches are less established. For this reason, bioinformatics- and genomics-related proposals typically fall outside the scope of the program. Autism and psychology related proposals will not be accepted. Because the intent is to support basic research in the life sciences, proposals aimed specifically at human health issues will typically not be supported.


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