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Sustainable Blue Growth in Mediterranean and Black Sea Countries: Building Capacities and Developing Skills in the Marine and Maritime Sectors

Taking into consideration the current economic crisis and the evolving political, social and environmental conditions in the Mediterranean Region, there is a need to put together multidisciplinary actors from different countries, make ideal environment for constructive dialogue (science diplomacy) and create all conditions that include the role of people, economics and policies to attract investments while reconciling tensions and balancing priorities between economical growth, social implication and environmental conservation. 


Tackling climate change, understanding ecosystem function, managing sustainability: all of these require a much more tangible initiatives and strategies. Hence, the EU Blue Growth initiative represents a long-term strategy to support growth in the maritime sector as a whole by harnessing the untapped potential of Europe’s oceans, seas and coasts for jobs creation and economic growth. Establishing appropriate training and mobility opportunities to train new generation of scientists, technicians and operators, in the marine and maritime sectors, equipped with appropriate skills to bridge the gap between scientific research and sustainable development and support the creation of career opportunities in the blue economy represents an important part of this strategy.


Dates: 10-19 July 2017

Venue: Adriatico Guest House, the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Via Grignano n. 9, TRIESTE


In this context, OGS, the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics, in collaboration with other partner-institutions is organizing an advanced training school in Trieste for researchers, scientists and managers from the Mediterranean and Black sea Countries.


OGS intends to support the creation of stable and attractive career pathways and highly skilled talents that will be needed to support expanding marine and maritime sectors.
 The focus of the training school is on strengthening professional skills and enhancing competencies in fields related to the blue economy.

Specific objectives
•to increase the professional skills and the quality of research in the field of marine sciences, climate related aspects, environmental protection and integrated management of coastal areas;
•to increase the educational offer to extend the current economic development and growth, with particular focus on activities and aspects related to the sea;
•to identify actions, partnerships and financing instruments that can help scale up activities that ultimately result in sharing research outcomes and disseminating scientific knowledge.


Target beneficiaries
 The School will be addressed to scientists, researchers, post-doctoral fellows and Ph.D. students dealing with aspects related to oceanography (physics, chemistry and biology), marine biology, geology, geophysics, geochemistry, environmental engineering, ecological modelling, climate study, coastal zone management and other related fields. Project managers, economists and policy-makers are also eligible to participate. However, applicants should be able to demonstrate their ability particularly to assimilate new concepts related to Blue Growth particularly aspects related to economic growth, environmental protection and societal challenges. A high level scientific committee will follow a well defined selection criteria and only motivated and qualified candidates will be selected.

Only 2 candidates per each eligible country will be selected and granted fellowships. Additional candidates supported by their institutions might be considered if they ensure supporting their own costs. Highly qualified professors will be invited to lecturing and tutoring during the School.


Target countries
 Eligible participants are coming from the Mediterranean and Black Sea countries (Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Macedonia, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Montenegro, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine).


No registration fees are required.
 OGS particularly encourages qualified women to apply to our summer school. Candidates supported by their own Institution through a support letter will be taken in particular consideration. Selected candidates will be granted fellowships covering their expenses for travel and accommodation. Candidates not requesting fellowships will be also evaluated for admission and invited to participate in case of successful application while demonstrating their ability to cover their own expenses.  Apply here


Deadline for applications
 Applications must be sent before Monday May 1, 2017 at 17:00

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