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Seeking nominations for OCB Ocean Time-Series Advisory Committee

OCB are currently seeking nominations for the OCB Ocean Time-Series Advisory Committee. This subcommittee was established by the OCB SSC in 2007 to facilitate OCB community input to future ocean observing initiatives and activities; ensure that existing ocean time-series and observing systems are meeting community needs; and to keep the OCB community integrated with ongoing international ocean observing activities.

This committee has played an important advisory role in the planning of relevant OCB scoping workshops, such as the 2009 workshop on floats and gliders (Johnson et al., 2009, Oceanography), the 2010 workshop on marine biogeochemical time-series (Church et al., 2013, DSRII); and international planning activities such as the IOCCP international time-series workshop (IOC, 2008) and the 2012 International Biogeochemical Time-Series Methods workshop (Lorenzoni and Benway, 2013 (; Benway et al., 2013 Eos).


Specifically, OCB seek the following:
• An international representative with expertise in time-series science, methods, and logistics to assist in our efforts with the international time-series network (
• A representative with expertise in autonomous sensor development and applications

For a list of current members, please visit


Please send nominations to the OCB Project Office ( by April 30, 2014.

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