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Second data/model synergy workshop of the GEOTRACES programme

The second data/model synergy workshop of the GEOTRACES program will take place from 7 to 10 December 2009 at the Ecole normale supérieure, rue d’ULM, in Paris, France (


The objective of the workshop is to foster the collaboration between data producers and modellers from the GEOTRACES programme. It will provide an opportunity to discuss on the requirements and limits of forward and inverse methods for improving our understanding on the cycle of trace elements and their isotopes, as well as the data products necessary to better constrain the models.


Particular interest will be reserved on the assessment of nutrients fluxes (macro and micro), the understanding of particle reactive proxies (e.g. Pb, Nd, Pa/Th), and measurement and modelling of particles concentration and fluxes in the water column (particle types, size spectrum, processes: agregation/disaggregation, sinking velocity, remineralization).


Abstracts for presentations should be sent to:

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