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SAHFOS Associated Researcher Scheme

The aim of this scheme is to encourage research that uses CPR data and to increase publications from the database. Bursaries are intended for either research that uses CPR data directly or for indirect activities that strengthen the future use of CPR data. The latter could, for example, involve developing suitable instrumentation for the CPR, improving plankton analysis procedures or developing new statistical approaches for data analysis.



Funds of up to £500 to cover the calendar year will be awarded to Associated Researchers. Associated Researchers are expected to work collaboratively with SAHFOS staff and so actively promote the Foundation. Publications arising from this scheme must acknowledge SAHFOS. Associated Researchers must submit a final report on their work by 31st January of the following year. Half the funds will be made available as a grant early in the year and the remainder after the final report has been submitted and funds accounted for.


Bursaries are open to any nationality and age, and applications from all are welcome. SAHFOS Council members, Staff, Fellows and Students already funded by the Foundation are ineligible. The closing date for applications is 0ctober 31, 2011 (for Bursaries covering 2012). See website for further details:

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