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"Sailboat of Opportunity" through the Northwest Passage in 2014

An expedition through the Northwest Passage (Halifax to Vancouver) aboard the research sailboat 'Sea Dragon' (http://www.panexplore.com/about-us/sea-dragon) is tentatively planned for 2014.


The sailboat has 3-4 crew and can accommodate 8-10 scientists.


The sailboat's scientific support capabilities are listed below. A scientific charter (including crew, food, fuel) is ~$3K/day. For more information, please visit the website and/or contact Emily Penn (emily@panexplore.com).

• Avon 3.1meter and 4.65meter inflatable boats with 9.9hp and 30hp outboards
• Bauer Dive Mate diesel air compressor to support SCUBA diving
• Sherwood SCUBA dive gear - six complete sets
• Twin Panasonic Tough book 52 laptops, Apple Mac Mini, salon video and audio support
• 110VAC, 24 and 12V DC on board power
• Hach MS5 water sensor with pH, Conductivity, temperature and turbidity sensor
• Sunburst Systems flow through CO2 sensor with GPS logging
• 30x Stereo dissecting microscope with camera port for Nikon D90
• Twin spinnaker poles and powered main winch to support cargo lift and towing needs
• Dedicated freezer

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