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Project Manager Position for Boussole

A project manager position is proposed (with a start as soon as 
possible; ideally beginning 
of May 2013) at the “Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche, LOV”,
 within the “Marine
 optics and remote sensing” group (see at

Our group is
 composed of 8 scientists, 9 engineers and a dozen of Post-Docs, Phds and
 trainees. We are 
embedded into the “Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche” 
 which employs about 180 total staff (60 researchers).


The proposed job develops within the “BOUSSOLE” project, whose main
 goals are fundamental
bio-optics research and calibration/validation activities for satellite
 ocean color sensors. The
project is centered on the development, deployment, and maintenance of a 
deep-sea mooring
of a new type, precisely designed and dedicated to marine optics 
measurements (inherent and 
apparent optical properties), and on monthly cruises on the mooring
site. The project started 
10 years ago, and is now in a quasi-operational phase. The project is 
funded by the European
 Space Agency (ESA), the National French Space Agency (CNES), the US 
National Aeronautics and
Space Administration (NASA), and our National Scientific Research
Institute, CNRS/INSU. See at


The job includes a series of management tasks in assistance to, and in
 close contact with, the
 project PI (David Antoine), and a research activity using the data
 collected by the project. The
 management tasks include:

• Coordinating the local project team, which includes several engineers 
and technicians.

• Supervising the organization of buoy deployment/recovery cruises.

• Working toward improvement of the project organization, and of the
 buoy+mooring system design.

Managing a matchup database (i.e., regularly providing
 quality-controlled in situ data to space 
agencies for cal/val of current and future ocean color satellite 

Managing the project web site, which hosts the project database.

Contributing to establishing/maintaining a technical report series.

Writing progress reports, preparing progress meetings.

Contributing to the writing of research proposals.

• Contributing to possible outreach activities.


The research activity classically consists of scientific data analysis
 and manuscript preparation for
 peer-reviewed literature and conferences (subjects open to discussion).


Candidates should be suitably qualified (PhD level) in optics of 
geophysical fluids, in particular
 marine optics, and have the necessary technical background/experience.
We seek candidates
with several years of experience in similar positions, in order to be
 operational as rapidly as
 possible. In case French is not your native language, proficiency in
 French would be appreciated
 although not mandatory (English is fine). Capabilities to work at sea
 would be appreciated as well.


Annual salary will depend on the past experience of the candidate (we
 can accommodate annual take home up to about 36000€ after social security taxes are 
taken, but before general
 taxes). The location is in Villefranche/mer, near Nice on the French
 Riviera. The position will start
 for a year, renewable in case the candidate and the project PI are
 willing to do so.

  CVs accompanied by the appropriate covering letter, as well as requests 
for additional information,
 are to be sent to the project PI, at (with
“Boussole-Position” in the subject line),
with copy to Vincenzo Vellucci:

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