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WAMS Press Release

In accordance with measures adopted at the 25th session of the Assembly of UNESCO-Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission IOC (16-25 June 2009), a meeting of a planning group was held at IOC, Paris, April 13th – 14th 2010, to discuss the creation of a “World Association of Marine Stations” (WAMS). This group agreed unanimously that WAMS was urgently needed and on April 14th 2010 WAMS was established.

The World Association of Marine Stations, WAMS, will collaborate closely with POGO and MAB. WAMS can also offer crucial support to global scientific programmes and organizations such as IGBP; WCRP; IPCC, GOOS, LME; DIVERSITAS, IABO and GEO/GEOSS. This cooperation could be implemented quickly and at reasonable cost, insofar as human resources and logistics of marine stations and their parent universities and/or inland research institutes can assist (or perhaps even support), at least partially, specific operations for example carried out under OBIS. This first phase in the development of WAMS will be developed by a Steering group that comprises representatives from the main world networks of marine stations together with representatives from IOC and MAB.


WAMS Steering Group:

  • The European Marine Network of Marine Institutes and Stations MARS
  • The National Association of Marine Laboratories NAML USA
  • The Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean (AMLC and CARICOMP)
  • The Japanese Association for Marine Biology (JAMBIO), Japan
  • The Pacific Institutes of Marine Science, POGO
  • Tropical Marine Network (Australia)
  • GOOS – Africa (representing African Marine Laboratories)
  • IOC (Inc S. American links)
  • MAB Programme of UNESCO
The full document is available for download (see below).

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