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POGO Visiting Professorship Programme



Folowing the success of the NF-POGO Visiting Professorship Programme, which ran for 3 years (2004-2007) POGO continued to run a Visiting Professorship programme, which generally funded one Professor every year (2009-2014).

The Professorship allowed short visits (2 weeks to 3 months) of distinguished scientists from advanced oceanographic institutes to institutes in developing countries and economies in transition, to provide training and mentoring, to develop collaborations and enhance networking. Follow this link to read about past POGO Visiting Professorships.

The goal of the visiting professorship was capacity building in the host institution, leading to enhanced sustained ocean observations to address societal issues of the day. Development of highly-trained scientific professionals was the priority. Promoting contacts, collaborations and networking among institutions of developing and developed countries was another goal.

This programme is seen as a complement to the POGO-SCOR Visiting Fellowship Programme.


Previously, the Visiting Professorship Program was open to oceanographic research establishments and educational institutes in developing countries and in economies in transition. The proposal was be submitted by a senior scientist from the institute wishing to host the visiting professor, and the application was made after procuring in writing the willingness of the proposed professor to participate in the proposed programme. This programme is not being run during 2015.


The programme covered the international travel costs of the professor and a modest honorarium for the professor. The programme also covered modest travel and accommodation costs for inviting students or young scientists from neighbouring areas to the host institution, to benefit from the visit and the training provided by the eminent visiting professor. 


This programme had similar priorities areas as the POGO-SCOR Visiting Fellowship Programme.

  • Argo Floats
  • Fixed-point time-series observations (particularly those integrated in existing networks such as OceanSITES, ChloroGIN, Antares)
  • Large-scale, operational biological observations including biodiversity (e.g. Continuous Plankton Recorder)
  • Emerging Technologies for Ocean Observations
  • Data management
  • Coastal observations/ Coastal zone management
  • Ocean and coastal modeling.


Details of the previous POGO Visiting Professorships can be seen here


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