The POGO-20 meeting was hosted by the Instituto Nacional de Desenvolvimento das Pescas (INDP) and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel at the Ocean Science Centre Mindelo (OSCM), in Cabo Verde, from 22-24 January 2019.


POGO annual meetings are for POGO Members, partner organisations and invited participants. 


The venue for POGO-20 was:

OSCM - Ocean Science Centre Mindelo & INDP – Instituto Nacional de Desenvolvimento das Pescas,

Cova de Inglesa, C.P. 132,

Mindelo, Island of São Vicente,

Republic of Cabo Verde


  POGO-20 Summary Report & Meeting Participants


POGO-20 Group Photo. Credit A. Villwock, GEOMAR

POGO-20 attendees, with the OSCM in the background. Photo credit: A. Villwock, GEOMAR


The outline agenda included:

Side Meetings:

Saturday 19 January

  OpenMODS Workshop Day 1 (pm)
  Sunday 20 January

OpenMODS Workshop Day 2

  Monday 21 January

OpenMODS Workshop Day 3 (am)

09.00-12.00 hrs - Finance Committee Meeting (closed)
14.00-17.00 hrs - Board of Trustees Meeting (closed)

17.00-19.00 hrs Welcome reception: All delegates.
19.00 hrs - Board of Trustees Dinner



Tuesday 22 - Thursday 24 January 

Annual Meeting:

09.00-17.00 hrs - POGO Annual Meeting

     22-23 January: Plenary sessions (all delegates)

     24 January:      POGO Members' Annual General Meeting (members only)

Tours: Thursday 24 January, pm
Side Meetings: Friday 25 January
  09.00-12.00 hrs - Wrap Up Meeting of POGO Board of Trustees (closed)


The full agenda and associated information can be accessed below:




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