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POGO-15 Presentations

Tuesday 21 January

Communications Workshop

   What is POGO?: Sophie Seeyave

   News and Information Group Action Items from POGO-14: Sophie Seeyave

   Australia's Integrated Marine Observing System: Jess Tyler

   Communicating the RV Investigator: Sarah Schofield

   Communicating an international observing program: Louise Newman


Wednesday 22 January


Overview of POGO Activities in 2013

   Highlights: John Field

   Report on the new NF-POGO Centre of Excellence at AWI: Karen Wiltshire

   Global Alliance of CPR Surveys: Nick Owens

   Progress in and future plans for the "Oceans and Society: Blue Planet" Task: Trevor Platt


POGO Business

   New Members: AIMS: John Gunn


Reports on POGO activities in 2013

   Reports from Member Directors: International Training centre for Operational Oceanography: Satheesh Shenoi

   Report from Communications Workshop: Sophie Seeyave


POGO and its partner organisations

   Outcomes of the 2014 GEO Ministerial Summit: Douglas Cripe
   Intergovernmental Oceangraphic Commission: Nick D'Adamo

   GOOS and Gramework for Ocean Observing: John Gunn

   Report on OceanSITES and Proposal for deep MicroCAT network: Uwe Send/Bob Weller


POGO Capacity Building

   Update on NF-POGO Alumni Network for Oceans (NANO): Sophie Seeyave

   Report on other POGO capacity building activities: Shubha Sathyendranath

   Linking POGO with OceanTeacher Global Academy: Greg Reed



 Thursday 23 January


Parallel Workshops:

1. Autonomous devices for deep-sea observations

   Workshop on Autonomous Devices for Deep Sea Observations Information Sheet: Bob Weller

   The GOOS network of deep-ocean sustained time‐series/reference stations: Uwe Send and Bob Weller

   A deep Mission for Argo? Requirements and status: Susan Wijffels

   Climate Change 2013 - The Physical Science Basis. Oceans: Steve Rintoul

   Deep Ocean Observing System: Bernadette Sloyan


2. What can POGO do for SOOS?

   The Southern Ocean Observing System - Current Activities, Future Priorities, and POGO contributions: Louise Newman

   The Science and Vision of SOOS: Bronte Tilbrook

   The data vision for SOOS: Kim Finney

   An International Contribution to SOCOM: Steve Rintoul

   An International Contribution to a Mammal-Tagging Initiative: Mark Hindell


Emerging initiatives in ocean observations

   Need for a global, long-term programme of ecological monitoring: Tony Koslow

   Ocean Exploration initiative: Jesse Ausubel

   New programmes for Indian Ocean observations as part of IIOE-2: Satheesh Shenoi


Parallel Workshops:

3. Data from Observing Systems

   Data from Observing systems: Karen Wiltshire



4. Tropical Moorings

   Workshop on Future Autonomous Observing System for Tropical Air-Sea Interaction -Tropical Moored Arrays: Yoshihisa Shirayama

   The Global Tropical Moored Buoy Array: Kentaro Ando

   RAMA: Status, Progress and Plans: Nick D'Adamo

   Moored buoy programme of India: Satheesh Shenoi

   How can KIOST contribute to TAO-Triton Array?: Dongchull Jeon

   Future Autonomous Observing System for Tropical Air-Sea Interaction: Shoichiro Baba



Friday 24 January


Reports from Workshops

   Workshop on Autonomous Devices for Deep Sea Observations

   Workshop on SOOS - Current Activities, Future Priorities, and POGO contributions

   Workshop on Tropical Moorings


Australia's Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) and Australian Ocean Data Network (SODN) Showcase

   Australia’s Integrated Marine Observing Systemand Ocean Data Network: Tim Moltman

   Argo Australia: Susan Wijffels
   Australian Bluewater Observing System: Tom Trull
   Australian Ocean Data Network: Roger Proctor


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