Tuesday 25 January | POGO

Tuesday 25 January



09:00-09:10 Remarks by the Executive Secretary of IOC: Wendy Watson-Wright

09:10-12:15 International Science Coordination and Capacity Building
Chair Tony Knap

European Science Foundation (ESF) Marine Board


Antoine Dosdat

Marine Board Statement

Ostend Declaration


World Association of Marine Stations (WAMS)


Herman Ridderinkhof

Planning Meeting Report

Press Release


Application of Hydro-Acoustics to CTBTO Monitoring

Andrew Forbes

Mark Prior

Civil/Scientific Applications


Report on International Quiet Ocean Experiment Workshop

David Farmer
IQOE Workshop ppt

Chinese POGO-Related Activities

Fangli Qiao  

Coffee break

Marine capacity building in Africa: in search of new approaches to transfer knowledge and technology in marine sciences and operational oceanography


Justin Ahanhanzo

Japanese Capacity Building in Indonesia and South Africa (SATREPS)

Shiro Imawaki

POGO Capacity Building Activities

Shubha Sathyendranath


Bermuda Centre of Excellence

Tony Knap/Gerry Plumley

CofE Year 2 Report

Alumni Planning Meeting Report

Other Capacity Building-relevant documents:

POGO-SCOR Fellowship report

ASI-XI Programme

SCOR Capacity Building Summit


12:15-13:30 Lunch


13:30-15:00 Transport to KORDI


15:00-15:30 A tour of KORDI Satellite Centre

15:30-16:00 Introduction to KORDI (video presentation)
16:00-18:00 Climate Change and Ocean Observations: A KORDI Perspective

Chair Jung- Keuk Kang

Updates on POSEIDON and GAIA ocean-climate projects


Jae Hak Lee

Ocean color images transmitted by the satellite “Chollian”, and remote sensing


Joo Hyung Ryu

R&D activities for underwater vehicles and acoustic communication


Pan-Mook Lee

A newly launched icebreaker “ARAON” and polar research


Seonung Choi

18:00 Welcome Reception

20:00-21:00 Transport to Hotel



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