Monday 24 January | POGO

Monday 24 January



09:00-10:00 Inauguration

Chair Jung-Keuk Kang



Jung-Keuk Kang Participants list



Dosoo Jang

Approval of Minutes of the 11th Meeting of POGO


Kiyoshi Suyehiro POGO-11 Minutes

Handover to Incoming Chairman, Peter Herzig


Kiyoshi Suyehiro

Introductory Remarks by New Chairman


Peter Herzig

Adoption of Agenda


Peter Herzig Agenda

Report on Actions from POGO 11


Peter Herzig POGO-11 Action Items

Search for Chairman-Elect


Tony Haymet

Presentation of Budget


Peter Herzig
10:30-12:30 Opportunities for International Cooperation in Ocean Observations

Chair Susan Avery

OceanObs’ Task Team Report –How Should POGO Engage with it?


Mike Meredith Framework for Ocean Observing Report
GEO Beijing Summit Trevor Platt

Beijing Declaration

POGO Press Release

Summary of Media Coverage

POGO Statement

US Ocean Observatories Initiative


Tim Cowles

Oceans Community of Practice


Bob Weller

Draft Terms of Reference

Proceedings of GEOSS Workshop

Implementation of Observing Systems in the Current Financial Climate Andrew Willmott
UN Regular Assessment Sophie Seeyave


Report of ad hoc Working Group

Report of Secretary General

Other relevant documents: International Cruise Information Database Report


14:00-17:00 International Disaster Response and Preparation

Chair Tony Haymet

Example of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill


The NOAA perspective


Robert Haddad

The NSF perspective


David Conover Presentation

Coffee break

Other examples


JAMSTEC programme for earthquake monitoring (DONET)


Yoshiyuki Kaneda

DONET brochure

Research project for disaster management

Recovery of science from Chilean earthquake 

Leonardo Castro

The UN Global Impact and Vulnerability Alert System


Sophie Seeyave Background Note
Other relevant documents German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System

Icebreaker Reception hosted by KORDI (Diamond Hall, 22nd Floor)



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