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Training by other Organisations

There are many organisations and institutes that offer training in marine science, whether it is for undergraduate or graduate students or post-doctoral scientists. Here are some resources to help you find training opportunities, and learn more about the capacity building efforts of different organisations. 

  • The Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) has convened two Capacity Building Summits, involving a number of organisations that are active in Capacity Building in marine science. The SCOR website has a section dedicated to international capacity building efforts: The Capacity Building Summits produced a matrix that shows the different types of capacity building efforts that different organisations are undertaking. This matrix is shown below.
  • As a result of this workshop, IOC/IODE, with the support of SCOR and POGO, created a website where all organisations can advertise their summer schools:
  • The European project Euromarine, has also created a Training Catalogue, where different types of training courses in Europe can be found:
  • Many of the training opportunities in marine science are summarised in the following articles:

More sources can be found here:

Grants to attend meetings X X   X     X   X X
Grants for short-term training in ocean obs X   X         X X  
Grants for short-term training in ocean research     X     X        
Grants for training in data and information management     X X            
Summer schools     X X   X X   X  
Training for professionals X X X X     X      
Training through research X X X X           X
Bursaries in developing country institutions               X    
Ship-board experience     X X       X    
Visiting professorships               X X X
Centers of Excellence in oceanography       X       X X  
Leadership training       X X         X
Distance learning       X            
Internships in International Secretariat       X     X      


IAEA = International Atomic Energy Agency
IFS = International Foundation for Science
INOC = Inter-Islamic Science and Technology Network on Oceanography
IOC = Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
IOI = International Ocean Institute
NAM = Non-Aligned Movement Science and Technology Center
PICES = North Pacific Marine Sciences Organization
POGO = Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans
SCOR = Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research
START = The SysTEM for Analysis Research and Training

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