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OCB Scientific Steering Committee Nominations

The Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Program (www.us-ocb.org) is currently seeking nominations for new Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) members. If you wish to nominate someone, please email the OCB Project Office (hbenway@whoi.edu) with the following information about your nominee:

  1. Name, affiliation, and email address
  2. Expertise as it pertains to OCB 
  3. Description of nominee's leadership experience/potential, creativity, ability to collaborate and think/act on behalf of the OCB community, and capacity to contribute to OCB science planning and implementation 

While we encourage you to provide as much relevant information as possible on a nominee's leadership ability and potential contributions (item 3), please do not submit additional materials (CVs, publications, etc.) beyond the information requested here. In fairness to all nominees, these materials will not be considered during the deliberations. The SSC strives to maintain an effective balance of expertise across disciplines, as well as representation from different career stages, genders, institutions, and geographic locations. Please submit nominations by October 31, 2016.

About OCB
OCB is a network of scientists who work across disciplines, such as ocean chemistry, biology and physics, to understand the ocean's role in the global carbon cycle and the response of marine ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles to environmental change. OCB is a bottom-up organization that responds to the continually evolving research priorities and needs of its network. OCB SSC members serve a term of 3 years. For more information on the OCB SSC and its current membership, please visit http://www.us-ocb.org/about/committees.html

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