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New CarboSchools Booklet

This 70-page booklet is the third of a suite of booklets for teachers produced by the CarboSchools project, connecting schools with climate change research institutions in Europe since 2005 (  It focuses on how to integrate authentic science learning and project teaching about global change into secondary education by collecting the best materials produced throughout years of CarboSchools activities. It gives interested teachers concrete ideas and advice to make science learning more engaging, challenging and attractive, and to encourage pupils to experience their impact on the Earth system and how they can help restore the balance.

A French version will be published in January 2011. Offers for further translations are very welcome.


Within the limit of available copies, we are offering to send the book free of charge in January 2011 to interested teachers, scientists and educators worldwide.

If you wish to receive a copy, please send the order form below to Susanne Hermsmeier <>  a.s.a.p. and the latest by Monday 29 November 2010:


"Global Change: from research to the classroom"
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We are also offering to send copies of the 1st and 2nd CarboSchools booklet (see short descriptions below and

If you are interested, please send requests to Susanne Hermsmeier <>.


1st Booklet - "What we know, what we don't know and how we try to better understand global change" (available in Dutch, English, French, German & Norwegian) gives an overview of the key questions science is facing to improve our knowledge of the Earth system and the way human activities disturb it. It explains how scientists collect and interpret findings from observations, experiments and modelling, and how they do that in the frame of two large EU research projects, CarboEurope and CarboOcean - giving a particularly exciting example of how new knowledge is built through scientific research.


2nd Booklet - "What we have learned, what we still don't know and what we must do to combat climate change" (available in English, French and Italian) summarises the key findings from 5 years of EU carbon research on land and ocean, and gives the wider picture of the human perturbation of the global carbon cycle. It gives an overview of the large-scale changes society has to implement to achieve sustainable development - i.e. where the atmosphere would no longer be a mega-dustbin for our CO2 waste - and how scientists, schools and individuals may contribute. The booklet also features 6 examples of school projects from various countries.

Download attachment for further details.


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