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Networking Scheme with India (India-UK Scientific Seminars)

A new Networking Scheme with India (India-UK Scientific Seminars) is now being advertised on the Society’s website.  The scheme is co-funded with the Department for Science and Technology (DST) in India. The closing date for completed applications will be Monday 25 October 2010 (results will be released in January 2011).


The aim of this new scheme is to fund the organisation of a small 3 day scientific meeting to bring together groups of mid-career scientists from India and the UK for the purpose of scientific discussion, to promote collaboration and knowledge transfer by encouraging interaction within the wide research community.  These scientific meetings would take place in either the UK or India.


The award holders would be responsible for all aspects of organising and delivering the scientific content of the meetings, as well as finding a suitable venue and accommodation for all participants.  These scientific meetings would need to clearly demonstrate a clear strategy for securing long-term sustainable funds for the continuation of their research collaboration.  The number of participants who are invited to the meeting should not exceed more than 20 attendees (5 from visiting country and up to 15 from host country).


For more detail see please see:  or contact the Royal Society.

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