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NASA Arctic scoping study DRAFT report - open for comments

The Arctic-COLORS Draft Report is available for community comment (Aug. 18 – Sept. 17, 2015).


This document is a draft report for the NASA Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry (OBB) Program describing a candidate Field Campaign program called Arctic-COLORS (Arctic-COastal Land Ocean interactions). The goal of the proposed field campaign is to determine present and future impacts of terrigenous, atmospheric and oceanic fluxes on ecology, biogeochemistry, biodiversity and ecosystem services of the Arctic coastal zone. This scoping study report describes and justifies the science objectives, design and implementation plan of an integrative and interdisciplinary field campaign, modeling and remote sensing program. The Arctic-COLORS science team is requesting comments from the community prior to final submission of the report to NASA. This is an opportunity for you to refine the science and scope of the Arctic-COLORS program.  After the open comment period, our team will revise and submit the final eport to NASA, which will proceed with a peer-review and programmatic evaluation of Arctic-COLORS.  Your comments can help us improve the report and thus increase the likelihood of NASA to approve funding for this program.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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The Arctic-COLORS draft report is posted for a 30-day comment period open to all. You may submit your comments using the "Comment Submission Form" link above. Please refer to a page and paragraph number (e.g. Page 15, 2nd paragraph) in your comment if applicable.
•    Section 1 describes the motivation for the Arctic-COLORS program.
•    Section 2 describes the engagement of the broader scientific community.
•    Section 3 describes overarching objective and science questions.
•    Section 4 describes the science plan - study domain, research phases and timeline of the field campaign, measurements, remote sensing, and modeling activities.
•    Section 5 describes the implementation plan.


We look forward to your feedback and comments, and we thank you for your contributions to this effort.


The Arctic-COLORS PIs,
Carlos Del Castillo, Marjorie Friedrichs, Peter Hernes, Antonio Mannino, Patricia Matrai, Joseph Salisbury, and Maria Tzortziou

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