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NF-POGO Alumni Network for Oceans


The Nippon Foundation and Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean have created a network of former scholars of their joint programmes on capacity building. The global network is called the NF-POGO Alumni Network for Oceans (NANO) and is organised into Regional Coalitions.


The aims of the network are to:


- Maximize the benefits to the alumni from the training they have received;

- Facilitate active contacts among the alumni and with the training faculty;

- Promote joint research activities that will build on the training.


NANO now has:


- A database of NF-POGO former scholars, i.e. scholars from the Centre of Excellence at the Alfred Wegener Institute, the Centre of Excellence Regional Training Programmes in Brazil, Viet Nam, India, the Philippines and Mexico, and the Visiting Professorship Training Programmes in India, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Brazil, Tunisia and Vietnam. This includes more than 260 entries, since 2005.

- A website that acts as a repository for the alumni database and facilitates the exchange of information and ideas between alumni. This can be found at

- A biannual newsletter, which includes articles by the alumni and updates on the Network activities.  

- Four regional research projects, funded by the Nippon Foundation since 2012. The proposals for these were prepared during a Network Meeting that took place in Abingdon from 26 to 28 September 2011.

- Over 30 NANO "Friends", who are senior scientists from around the world acting as mentors for the alumni and supporting the network development.


To get in touch with POGO regarding this Network, please e-mail Sophie Seeyave (POGO Secretariat).

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