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MATLAB Toolbox for Secondary Quality Control

The Matlab Toolbox to Perform Secondary Quality Control (2nd QC) on Hydrographic Data by Toste Tanhua (IFM-GEOMAR) was published at CDIAC:  The scripts in this package are modified versions of the scripts used by the CARINA project; see Tanhua et al. 2010 for more information.

If you use this tool, please cite as:
Tanhua, T. 2010. Matlab Toolbox to Perform Secondary Quality Control (2nd QC) on Hydrographic Data. ORNL/CDIAC-158. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. doi:10.3334/CDIAC/otg.CDIAC_158.


Secondary quality control is a process in which data are objectively studied to quantify systematic biases in the measurements. The identified data biases are subjectively compared to predetermined accuracy limits. If the data from the cruise being analyzed show significant bias, this may indicate that an adjustment (either multiplicative or additive) needs to be made to the data, or that there is a systematic problem in the data generation or calibration. It is not recommended that data be adjusted solely on the basis of a secondary QC, but rather that it be stated in the meta-data that there may be a bias and why. At best, the source of the bias will be identified (for example, a problem with the standard used) and corrected.


Using this package allows crossover analysis to be performed. Crossover analysis is an objective comparison of deep water data from one cruise with data from other cruises in the same area (e.g., Sabine et al. 1999, Gouretski and Jancke 2001, Johnson et al. 2001, Sabine et al. 2005, Tanhua et al., 2010, see also

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