Job opportunity: Scientist / Postdoctoral researcher on Seagrass "Blue Carbon", GEOMAR, Germany | POGO

Job opportunity: Scientist / Postdoctoral researcher on Seagrass "Blue Carbon", GEOMAR, Germany

Deadline: June 5th, 2019


The research unit "Marine Evolutionary Ecology" at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel is looking for postdoctoral researcher as of 1 July 2019, subject to the final project approval of the Helmholtz initiative HI-CAM in the area of Seagrass "Blue Carbon" (m/f/d)


Marine vegetation such as seagrass meadows in particular can store considerable amounts of carbon in sediment, but for many marine regions there are no reliable estimates of their "blue carbon" potential. Within the framework of the Helmholtz initiative HI-CAM: Helmholtz-Initiative Climate Adaptation and Mitigation: the two Sides of the same Coin, the holder(s) of the post will carry out an assessment of carbon storage in marine vegetation in German territorial waters. This will be done by reviewing existing publications and stock assessments as well as by in-situ sampling of carbon pools within the seabed. Predictive models of the storage potential will be developed depending on the seagrass meadow properties such as age, vegetation density, patchiness, and degree of wave exposure. A dating of sediment cores will provide reliable estimates of the annual carbon sequestration rates. In combination with existing climate and eutrophication-forced models for the future development of seagrass meadows in the Baltic Sea, the storage potential of seagrass meadows will be estimated under different scenarios of nutrient loads and future storminess.


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