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Job Opportunity: Post-doc position in Marine Geodynamics, GEOMAR, Germany

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel ,Germany, has a vacancy for a Post-doc researcher in the research unit “Marine Geodynamics”, starting on 1 October 2018.


Deadline: 10 June 2018


Project Description
“ARCHIMEDES I” will image the deep structure of the Fonualei Rift, where rifting of arc crust and widespread hydrothermal activity occur at the edge of the Niuafo’ou microplate. The role of the arc basement and the transition to adjacent backarc basin crust in this region has never been investigated in detail. Our study will use high-quality multi-channel seismic and refraction profiles to address a major unsolved question of submarine arcs: at what stage in the structural and thermal evolution of arc rifting does magmatic and hydrothermal activity set in and mineral deposits begin to form.

The Postdoc will deal with the processing, analysis and interpretation of the seismic data. This includes the processing of the MCS data up to the pre-stack depth migration, so that the resulting velocity field of the crust can be incorporated into the analysis of the wide-angle data. This information will be integrated into a startup model for the inversion of the wide-angle data. Iteratively evolving models later serve as input for tomographic procedures. In addition to the inversion of the wide-angle data, further amplitude analyses of the reflection amplitudes at selected instrument locations are planned in order to be able to make statements about the lithology. Furthermore, the job holder will assimilate the extensive bathymetric data, as well as the heat flow information and the magnetotelluric and magnetic data.


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