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Job opportunity: Analytical marine natural product chemist at GEOMAR, Germany

Deadline: 23 May 2018

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel ,Germany, has a vacancy for an Analytical marine natural product chemist in the research unit Marine Natural Products Chemistry/GEOMAR/Centre for Marine Biotechnology within the research division Marine Ecology.  The post starts on 1st July 2018.


Job Description:
Analytical chemistry is the backbone of natural product research. We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced post-doctoral candidate with demonstrated expertise in modern analytical marine natural product chemistry. The main task of the holder of this post will involve LC-MS/MS-based secondary metabolome mining (particularly by MS/MS fragment similarity based molecular networking) coupled to chemical imaging, i.e. Desorption Electrospray Ionization-Imaging Mass Spectrometry (DESI-IMS) of natural products from marine microbes and macro-organisms. Further experience in dereplication, statistical analyses and downstream chemistry (purification, characterization of metabolites) are required. The main application areas will be chemical ecology and drug discovery.


The successful candidate will participate in various drug discovery and chemical ecology projects on marine invertebrates, marine plants and microorganisms. He/she will closely interact with other research groups from broad range of scientific disciplines at both GEOMAR and Kiel University. He/she will be heavily involved in maintenance of the LC-MS/DESI-IMS equipment, establishment/validation of new analytical methods, training/supervision of postgraduate/undergraduate students and preparations of external funding proposals.


Candidates with strong track records of accomplishment in terrestrial plant, terrestrial microbe related analytical chemistry/secondary metabolome mining are highly encouraged to apply, provided they have sufficient hands-on skills and experience.


For full details and to apply, visit:

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