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IODE Video Lectures Now on Youtube

IODE is pleased to announce the launching of the OceanTeacher Global Academy YouTube channel on

(an easy way to find it is to simply enter oceanteacher channel in the search box of YouTube)


Under "playlists" you will find courses for which videos are available (currently 1). Rather than offering full 90 minute lectures we have now cut lectures into small clips of 10-15 minutes with clear indication of the subject in the title.


You will (hopefully) find that the audio and video quality of the videos have been improved. Making the videos available through YouTube makes that you can watch them on a wide variety of devices (computer, smartphone, Apple TV, Smart TV etc) and in various quality settings so it works also with limited bandwidth.


OceanTeacher Global Academy will now make new recorded lectures available through the new YouTube channel.


Please have a look at what's on offer today, comment and subscribe to the channel so you know what new lectures become available.

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