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IODE Associate Data Units

At IODE-XXII (March 2013) we adopted a new type of data centre, the IODE Associate Data Unit. The IODE Associate Data Unit is intended to bring in the wider ocean research and observation communities as key stakeholders of the IODE network, taking into account the growth of ocean research and observation programmes and projects, and the ability of these projects to establish data systems.It is important for these communities to share, provide access to and preserve all ocean research and observation data.


ADUs will not replace National Oceanographic Data Centers (NODCs; centralized or distributed) but should contribute to the objectives of NODCs by (i) improving the completeness of data coverage of NODCs; (ii) ensuring the long-term archival and preservation of ADU data by NODCs; and (iii) increasing awareness amongst the ocean research and observation community of the importance of professional data management through IODE NODCs.


We are now launching the ADU system. An application form has been prepared (click here for form) and information is available on the IODE web site through


It is important that we reach as many projects, programmes, institutions or organizations that are currently not cooperating with IODE as possible so we can improve access to ocean data in terms of volume and delay between collection and making the data available.

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