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How to Join

The members of Partnership for the Observation of the Global Ocean are directors and leaders of major oceanographic institutions. To become a new member, these representatives should contact the CEO of the POGO Secretariat via  


The level of membership dues are defined by the institute size and the economic status of the country of the Member (click here to see levels of dues).


Membership benefits

By becoming a member of POGO, your institute will be recognised as belonging to the group of the world's major oceanographic research Institutes, and will actively contribute to developing the global agenda for ocean observing. Benefits at a glance are:


Attending Annual Plenary Meetings

to discuss issues of mutual concern with the Directors of our member oceanographic institutes at our annual meetings


Sharing best practices, infrastructure and data

e.g. through POGO's Cruise Information Database; best practices in industry engagement and communications


Connecting with global organisations and programmes

such as the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and its Task "Oceans and Society: Blue Planet"


Being represented at major public outreach events

e.g. World Expo, GEO Ministerial Summits, UNFCCC Climate Change Conferences


Enhancing visibility for your institute

e.g. through the POGO website, newsletter and Plenary Meetings


Participating in POGO's prestigious observational training programmes

​such as the NF-POGO Centre of Excellence or POGO Training Initiatives


Proposing collaborative ocean observing initiatives

by engaging in POGO working groups with other POGO members and apply for contributions to working group funding 


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