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GEO Interim Implementation Plan 2015-2025

The GEO Interim Implementation Plan is now available online at


As GEO approaches the end of its first 10-year 2005-2015 mandate, the Ministers from GEO Member governments and leaders from GEO Participating Organizations gathered at the Geneva Ministerial Summit on 17 January 2014, and decided to extend their political commitment to the GEO vision through 2025.


The Geneva Summit Declaration witnesses this renewed commitment and confirms the willingness to further leverage GEO's substantial accomplishments to improve Earth observations, as well as to increase the availability of Earth observations, data, and information to leaders in government, science, industry, civic society, and the public at large.
The declaration also requests that “…a new Implementation Plan through 2025 be prepared for endorsement at the next GEO Ministerial Summit, …”.

To response to the Ministers’ request, an Implementation Plan Working Group (IPWG) has been set up to draft a new 10-year Implementation Plan (2016-2025) for initial review at the GEO-XI Plenary in November 2014, for acceptance at the GEO-XII Plenary, and subsequent endorsement at the associated Ministerial Summit, at the end of 2015. The background documents for this can see be accessed via the link above.

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