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EMODNET: digitization initiative for valuable historical datasets

EMODNET would like to ask if you know of any marine biological datasets (species occurrence, abundance and biomass) from the European seas that are sitting in an old paper report, a computer disk from the 1980's or a pdf, and are in need of rescuing.


The EMODnet Work Package 4 (http://www.emodnet-biology.eu/workpackages/11) is working on digitizing these valuable historical datasets to make them available to the marine community. There's a strong focus on the Mediterranean, so any suggestions from the area are welcome!

If you like to alert EMODNET about these datasets, you can either submit some basic information about the data via http://www.emodnet-biology.eu/contribute, or contact Sarah Faulwetter via . An e-mail should contain the following information on the dataset:
• Short description of the dataset
• Geographic coverage
• Temporal coverage (roughly, including also frequency if available)
• Taxonomic coverage
• Format (paper, floppy disk, hard disk, doc, xls, ...)
• Contact person


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