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Draft Charter and Mission Statement

Provisional POGO Charter


The participants agree to proceed with the establishment of a partnership of institutions (and consortia thereof) which have demonstrated capability to undertake basin-scale oceanographic observations and research together with such associated members and affiliated entities as may subsequently be agreed. Representation will be at the level capable of committing their institutions:

The Partnership shall:
- Initiate key actions to enable effective coordination, integration, and implementation of international ocean observing strategies;
- Establish collective agreements among institutions to promote timely developments in ocean science;
- Promote coordinated views of ocean institutions concerning ocean science to governments, international bodies, and others;
- Facilitate linkages between oceanographic research and operational institutions in relation to their goals, plans, and programs;
- Exchange policy and technical information;
- Coordinate their education and outreach programs;
- Encourage responsiveness to user communities;
- Promote capacity building;
- Promote sharing of facilities and infrastructure;
- Encourage interdisciplinary use of observing infrastructure;
- Support the partnership Secretariat.

POGO Mission

A Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO), composed of major institutions involved in research and observation in global ocean science, will work with the ocean, earth, and atmospheric science communities to promote global oceanography, including especially the development of an integrated global observing strategy. POGO will play a leading role in implementation of an international and integrated global ocean observing system.
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