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Doctoral & Postdoc positions in Braunschweig, Germany

The newly established Sino-German Research Training Group "Geo-ecosystems in Transition on the Tibetan Plateau" (TransTiP) is currently seeking applicants for 9 doctoral positions and 1 PostDoc position.


Closing date :September 15, 2017


The projects fall into the following areas:


Sediment Fluxes:

S1 - Quantification and modeling of solute matter transport during the annual cycle

S2 - Assessment of sedimentary budgets and permafrost content with capacitive resistivity

S3 - Catchment wide remote sensing of sediment source dynamics

S4 - High resolution remote sensing of sediment source dynamics


Carbon Fluxes:

C1 - Carbon translocation from glacial and terrestrial to aqueous systems

C2 - Sensitivity of soil OC storage to changes in climate and land use on the TP

C3 - Assessing land-atmosphere heat and CO2 exchange with Eddy covariance


Water Fluxes & Water Quality:

W1 - Modeling climate change impact on water budgets using an integrated surface-subsurface approach

W2 - Diatoms as water quality indicators

W3 - Invertebrates and their stable isotope composition as paleohydrological proxies


P - Patterns of aquatic endemism and biodiversity on the Tibetan Plateau detected by modern and ancient DNA

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