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Climate Data Guide: seeking expert contribution

The Climate Data Guide, (, is seeking data experts for assistance in reviewing the strengths and limitations of carbon cycle data sets. The Climate Data Guide’s goal is to be a living repository for the climate community’s collective wisdom and expertise on a broad range of data sets and their appropriate use in analyses and model evaluation.


The Climate Data Guide has become a highly visible platform: the audience has increased more than 10-fold during the past year, and is now at 11,000 unique visitors per month.  Contributions are citable and help to increase the visibility of your work, while being a key part in sustaining the Climate Data Guide effort and providing valuable information to a large audience seeking climate knowledge.  Modest honoraria are available for contributors in recognition of their time and insight.  


If you are interested in contributing to this project, please send an email to   We will then assist you with submitting your materials either by email attachment or via a webform.

Here is a bit more information on what comprises a contribution.   We ask only for a few paragraphs on something you know a lot about.  These perspectives really help users to understand the data, and help us to build tools on the website that facilitate data discovery, access, analysis, visualization, comparison, and understanding.


Guidelines for contributions:

1. Original writing that addresses the goals and audience of the Climate Data Guide. 2. Addresses as many of the questions listed below* as possible. 3. Includes at least one figure. 4. Describes data that are already published and freely available to researchers. Reasonable restrictions (e.g., registration required) are appropriate. 5. Includes citations to the peer-reviewed literature where appropriate (e.g., to support statements about data quality, strengths, weaknesses, etc.). Please include a reference list. 6. Written to be accessible to scientifically literate non-specialists. Think of mid-level graduate students reading it. 7. Minimum length of 300 words or 2 solid paragraphs. There is no maximum limit. 8. Due within 60 days of receiving this letter.


*General data set questions: What are the key strengths of this data set? What are the key limitations of this data set?  What are the typical research applications of this data set? What are the most common mistakes that users encounter when processing or interpreting these data? What are some comparable data sets, if any? How is uncertainty characterized in these data? Were corrections made to account for changes in observing systems or practices, sampling density, satellite drift, or similar issues? How do I best compare these data with model output? Are there spurious (non-climatic) features in the temporal record?


The Climate Data Guide Team

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