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How Can POGO Help with Recovery of Science from the Chilean Earthquake?

One year after the disaster, the University of Concepcion (UDEC) has made good progress towards the recovery of its research infrastructure. They have received contributions from various sources and are very grateful to all those who contributed. However, the losses were substantial and further contributions and help would be appreciated. At the POGO-12 Meeting in Seoul (January 2011), a number of suggestions were put forward on how POGO could help the University of Concepcion in their efforts to recover some of the research infrastructure that was damaged or lost during the tsunami in 2010.



1. Coquimbo Mooring Line


Parts of the Coquimbo mooring were lost and they need help obtaining replacements for the following:

- 5 Aanderaa RCM 11

- 1 ADCP (RDI 75 kHz)

- 4,500 m of rope (Marlow SD2 used previously)

- 10 Vitrovex glass buoys.

In addition, they need to find funds to cover the maintenance costs (56K USD/year).


POGO could help to find alternative funding sources, to promote the need for the Coquimbo mooring station and for other institutions/programmes to share the mooring, for example adding their own instruments.


2. Dichato Marine Station


Plans are underway for a new Coastal Marine Station will replace the Dichato Marine Biological Station that was swept away by the tsunami. UDEC would appreciate help with identifying additional funding sources to finance the construction (total estimate 3M USD). The new station in Dichato aims to be an international station that could be used as a base for researchers from around the world.


3. Austral Summer Institute


POGO will continue to support the Austral Summer Institute, which attracts students from all over Latin America and worldwide.


If you would like to get involved, please contact Leonardo Castro (lecastro{at} or Carina Lange (clange{at}

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