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Updates required for Carbon Time Series Stations Database

Ocean time series are one of the most valuable tools oceanographers have at the present time to observe trends, to understand carbon fluxes and processes, and to demonstrate the crucial role the carbon cycle plays in climate regulation and feedbacks.


A table of Carbon Time Series Stations from 2007 is available at http://www.ioccp.org/Time%20series/TablePDFs/TSGlobal.pdf. The table is divided into ship-operated and mooring-operated sites by ocean basin. It is critical to keep this list updated in order to improve synergies among sites and scientific coordinators, to facilitate research proposals utilizing the facilities, and to involve as many researchers and institutions as possible in sites where on-going ship activities are being reduced due to decreased resources.  Time series sites, especially those that require ship-operations, are expensive and require long-term national and international commitments. Showing that these time-series sites contribute to a larger international network of time series stations can help justify the investments that nations are making in these projects.


The IOCCP SSC plans to update the 2007 list of stations where carbon variables are being measured or are expected to be measured in the near future. Please check the information provided for your site and send us any updates, including contact information for the principle investigator or time series administrator, as well as current and future operational concerns.


Please, send the information at your earliest convenience to: mgonzalez{at}dqui.ulpgc.es with copy to k.tedesco{at}unesco.org.


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