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CAMEO Announcement of Opportunity

NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service and National Science Foundation Division of Ocean Sciences are pleased to announce a call for proposals for the Comparative Analysis of Marine Ecosystem Organization (CAMEO) Program which is implemented as a partnership between the two agencies. The purpose of the CAMEO program is to strengthen the scientific basis for an ecosystem approach to the stewardship of our ocean and coastal living marine resources and ecosystems. The goal is to provide an understanding of and predictive capability for marine ecosystem organization and production, particularly as the dual drivers of climate variability and fishing pressure affect them.  Comparative analyses provide an ideal way to achieve this goal. They can be employed in lieu of direct experimentation where controlled manipulation at relevant temporal and spatial scales is not possible. Well-designed comparative studies use existing gradients in ecosystem features to reveal how those features are manifest in processes and structures. Comparative analysis may be applied across ecosystems, within ecosystems through time, or across modeling approaches.

The CAMEO program is designed to address these issues by supporting research under five themes:


Connectivity of Marine Ecosystems defines the fundamental structural and functional attributes of ecosystems and interactions among ecosystems;
Responsiveness of Ecosystems to Perturbations examines the factors that control ecosystem responses to perturbations and stresses;
State Transitions and Stability identifies equilibrium states of ecosystems and the role of attributes (e.g., resilience, biodiversity) in determining the transitions between these states;
Human Society and Marine Ecosystems examines the critical interactions between humans and marine ecosystem processes; and
Comparative Analysis, Synthesis, and Forecasting explores new approaches of synthesizing existing information on ocean ecosystems and predicting the response to fishing and climate variation and change.
A key aspect of these proposals is the emphasis on collaborative partnerships between the academic and NOAA NMFS scientists with mission responsibilities to inform ecosystem management activities. 

The full Announcement of Opportunity and further information on the CAMEO program is available on the CAMEO website (  Proposals must be submitted through the NSF FastLane System no later than January 7, 2011.  Information on the eight exciting new proposals selected for funding as a result of the 2009-10 Announcement of Opportunity can also be found on the CAMEO website.

Questions or comments regarding CAMEO activities can be directed to:

NSF: Cynthia Suchman ( or Dave Garrison (

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